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  • Plastic Top Chain

TTPDH Series

Has twice the allowable load of TTP Series

Its high allowable load makes it perfect for heavier load operations.

  • TTPDH: Stainless steel pin type

*Equivalent to the double hinge type (MB147).

TTPDH Series

1. Features

  • Heavy duty chain for heavy duty conveyance. Allows use of single strand chain in operations normally requiring multiple strands.
  • Features a wide plate for conveying large items.
  • Available only in standard and low friction, Anti-wear (LFB) specifications.
  • Not available with plastic pins.

2. Structure

TTPDH Series Structure

3. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Plate width: mm (Example) 1905 = 190.5mm, 2540 = 254.0mm, 3048 = 304.8mm Note 1
  3. (3) Series code*: Blank = Standard, LFB = Low friction, Anti-wear

Note 1: We will be discontinuing sales of TTPDH3048 (standard series), TTPDH1905 (standard series), and TTPDH2540 (standard series) as soon as current stock is depleted.

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