From Locked to in Motion

LiniSpeed Jack

Released January 2018


Jacks that go from a locked position to being in motion
Only Tsubaki could achieve this innovation

Production sites require work to be moved accurately and simply. A compact structure combining screws and gears, high accuracy interlocked operation, and easy selection for any application.

If only there was a jack with these special features that could be operated at higher speeds higher frequencies…

Jacks can be only used at low-speeds and frequencies… Or can they?

Tsubaki technology brings innovation to hitherto unimaginable and unobtainable ranges.


Enables the highest speed operation ever
Jacks are brought to a whole new level…

Conventional jacks could not provide high-speed operation over 120mm/s. Furthermore, the greater the speed, the more you needed to increase the size.

Enable a maximum operating speed of
MAX 200mm/s
with no jack size increase

LiniSpeed Jacks provide a rated thrust that can convey large loads in 200mm/s high-speed operations with no increase in size.

jack up image

Demonstrate a rated thrust up to the maximum speed

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A new model pursuing a compact design
For a better user experience

The LiniSpeed Jack features a compact design by incorporating the ball nut within the gear case and enables a low-floor design by reducing the dead space caused by the nut height. This allows users to lower the overall height of the equipment and create more room for lifting.

compact image

product image

product image

product image


Provides high-frequency operation beyond what you believe jacks are capable of

Aren't jacks not suited to high-frequency operation? - Not to worry.

LiniSpeed Jacks greatly contribute to higher equipment productivity with their high-speed, high-frequency operation. In addition, they achieve the expected ball screw travel distance with high-frequency operation.

MAX 100%ED
hourly allowable load rate in high-speed and high-frequency operations

LiniSpeed Jacks achieve the maximum of 100% ED for allowable load hourly rate, and provide continuous operation.



5 times
faster takt time than competitor jacks

[ Operating conditions: ambient temperature 20ºC, load 1.5 tons ] *In general lifting operations

LiniSpeed Jack
200mm/sec 80%ED
Competitor Jacks
100mm/sec 30%ED

Expected ball screw travel distance with high-frequency operation

Expected ball screw travel distance
Allowable thrust 5-ton frame
(ex.: SJ050H)
Max. load (5-ton) Load (3-ton)
150km (stroke 300mm, approx. 250,000 cycles) 699km (stroke 300mm, approx. 1,170,000 cycles)

Still user friendly!
Enables various layouts and compact designs

LiniSpeed Jacks have the same easy installation and ease of interlocking operation while enabling high-speed, high-frequency operations and low-floor specifications.

In addition, they can help make motors and couplings compact thanks to their high-speed input.

Tsubaki's centennial solutions meets the needs of production sites that no previous jack manufacturer could accommodate.

Interlocked operation and various arrangements are available

jack applications illustration

jack applications illustration

 Devices other than jacks…

  • Takes time and effort to select, assemble, and install
  • Large installation space required
  • Difficult to interlock operations

jack applications illustration

Ball Screw Type

jack applications illustration

Rack and Pinion

Efficient selection with an allowable input rotation speed of 3000rpm

jack applications illustration

Servo motors and couplings can be also made compact

LiniSpeed Jacks can have their input speed match the rated rotation speed of the servo motor.

Servo motors and couplings can go a size down, so LiniSpeed Jacks can contribute to reduced drive unit costs.


Easy selection and easy installation
Making jacks simpler and smarter

LiniSpeed Jacks, with their high-speed and high-frequency operations, can find use in an even wider range of applications that conventional jacks could not accommodate.

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