Moving fromHydraulic
toElectric Operation

Spurring the electrification of cylinders

U SeriesPower Cylinder

New 50 ton model has been added.

New Power Cylinder model pursuing economy and ecology

More and more companies are making the switch from hydraulic to power cylinders to reduce power consumption and for better eco-friendliness/safety.

Tsubaki U Series Power Cylinder enables lighter weight and downsizing thanks to newly developed special ball screws and bearings. We released a new 50 ton model in January 2020.

Tsubaki technology allows for easy electrification even in ranges where previously only hydraulic cylinders could cover./p>

Costs decrease the longer you use them

No worries about environmental pollution

Easy installation with a compact design


Provides overwhelmingly better cost performance

Power Cylinders have zero standby power consumption. Their power consumption is reduced by about 1/5 as power cylinders do not require the continuous operation of pumps to maintain thrust like hydraulic cylinders do.

Power consumption
Reduced by 1/5

Annual power consumption per unit (kW/year)

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Power cylinders are clean and contribute to less time needed for maintenance

Power Cylinders have less risk of oil leakage and enable a simple layout with no pipes. They are clean and environmentally friendly with easy maintenance.


Tsubaki engineering enables a compact, lightweight power cylinder.

We've miniaturized the product while maintaining the same thrust of our previous T series. It's now easier to replace hydraulic cylinders, which contributes to flexibility/downsizing of equipment layout.

Reduced the max. total length by
the mass by 35%

Power Cylinder fig.

More complete line-up available!
New model with 50 tons rated thrust

We added a new model with 50 tons rated thrust that can replace hydraulic cylinders with up to a 250 mm inner diameter in January 2020.



The U Series Power Cylinder is active in a wide range of industries in replacing hydraulic cylinders.

The U Series Power Cylinder provides a user-friendly, lightweight, and compact design to help more and more users switch from hydraulic to power cylinders.

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