Innovation that gets things moving

Zip Chain—born from unique Tsubaki technology

This innovative technology is changing the way we make and distribute things


Unrivalled high performance

Zip Chain

Tsubaki holds the world’s top market share in chains. Our unique chain technology allows two strands of chain to interlock like a zipper, forming a strong single chain for pushing and pulling applications.

Only possible with Zip Chain

The technology supporting this outstanding device

A unique structure that keeps two strands of chain meshed together.
Zip Chain can push and pull like no other device. It handles a wide thrust range and frequent, high-speed operation.

  • High speed, high frequency
    1,000 mm/sec
  • Durable
    Up to 6 million reciprocating motions
  • Compact
    Up to 90% smaller than the stroke
  • Simple maintenance
    Easy stroke adjustments
Compared to screw jacks and hydraulic/pneumatic mechanisms, Zip Chain offers incredibly superior performance

Comparison with conventional linear-motion mechanisms

  • Zip Chain
  • Screw jacks
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic mechanisms

Zip Chain meets your needs

  • Improves production efficiency


    • Want to operate with short cycle times
    • Want to quickly determine multiple stop positions
    • Want to operate with short cycle times, even for high lifts
  • Longer-life equipment


    • Want to reduce the cost and man-hours for replacement
    • Need the durability to withstand frequent, high-speed operation
    • Want a device that withstands high lifts and long travel distances
  • A more compact production line


    • Want low-height equipment that doesn’t need a pit below
    • Want a device that fits into a small space
    • Want to place lifters on transporters
  • Reduces maintenance

    Ease of use

    • Want easy periodic lubrications
    • Want easy operation to reduce the burden on workers
    • Want to avoid unsafe inspection procedures in high places

Tsubaki Zip Chain products

Zip Chain Actuator®

A versatile linear actuator that you can install in tight spaces

The ability to store Zip Chain in a compact case helps save overall space compared to conventional linear actuators. With support for high-speed, high-frequency operation, Zip Chain Actuators consume significantly less power than hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. Multi-point stopping at high precision is also possible, and installation direction is not limited.