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Application Examples and Benefits -- Automotive

Tsubaki has long years of experience and success in a variety of industries and applications, which allows us to provide solutions uniquely tailored to the problems facing any application.

You'll find examples below of Tsubaki in action in various industries and applications. Contact a Tsubaki representative to find out how we can tailor our solutions to meet your individual needs.


Pusher (Dog) Conveyor Chain

Comes with attachments for pushing conveyed items
  • Dogs with rollers also available
  • Tilting and ducking dogs also available

Slat Conveyor Chain

The typical chain for conveying set quantities of goods
  • Perfect for low speed, heavy item conveyance
  • Used with slats on the attachments

Deep Link Conveyor Chain

Large rollers for direct conveyance on the plates
  • Can use bearing rollers
  • Top plates also available

Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain

Reduces chain load and required horsepower while increasing wear life
  • Prevents stick-slip, greatly increases roller allowable load
  • Extensive line-up to match any operating environment

Free Flow Conveyor Chain

Allows for conveyance and accumulation
  • Conveys items using top or outboard rollers
  • Double Plus Series also available

Top Plate and Saddle Conveyor Chains

For continuous conveyance of heavy, high temperature items
  • Continuous operation means high efficiency conveyance
  • Designed to match the shape of your conveyed items