Lambda Rollers improve work environments Noise comparison with top rollers

Noise increases during dry operation depending on the roller specifications. Please see the noise comparison between steel rollers and Lambda rollers during operation.

Click here to watch a movie showing the difference in noise.

* Note that there will be sound.

Measurement results (in-house test)

Measurement distance: 1m
Steel Roller 82.3dB
Lambda Roller 70.9dB

Structure of Lambda Rollers

Lambda Rollers are rollers with oil impregnated sintered bearings inside steel roller.

Photo of Lambda Roller structure

Lambda Rollers improve the environment.

Illustration of chain lubrication

Chains generally require lubrication.

Illustration of noises caused by chains

Abnormal noises occur and chains wear quickly if they are not lubricated.

Illustration of low noise

A comfortable work environment can be maintained thanks to Lambda Rollers.

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