Tsubaki AP Apron Conveyor Conveyors in Eco-related Industries

Suitable for conveying crushed garbage and waste plastics.

Tsubaki AP Apron Conveyor handles materials such as crushed garbage on a horizontal or inclined layout.

Features and Conveying Capacity -- AP Apron Conveyor

AP Apron Conveyor
  1. Its sealed structure prevents odors and garbage juice from leaking from the casing.
  2. Corrosion-resistant conveyor chains and aprons are available as an option.
  3. Specifications that prevent poor articulation of the conveyor chains are also available as an option.

Conveying capacity

Model number Conveying capacity(m3/h)
S = 5m/min S = 10m/min
AP600 15 30
AP800 20 40
AP010 25 50
  • Note 1: The above table shows conveying capacity calculated at a tilt angle of 55°. The actual conveying capacity differs depending on the tilt angle of the apron conveyors or the nature of the conveyed materials.
  • Note 2: The capacities in this table are for when there is continuous and constant feeding.


AP Layouts

Dimensions and Model Numbers

AP Dimensions and Model Numbers
Model number Apron Horizontal casing Outlet
AW SW M1 M2 E2
AP600 600 550 830 1,150 830
AP800 800 750 1,030 1,350 1,030
AP010 1,000 950 1,230 1,550 1,230

Points of caution

Tsubaki will determine the hopper specification after meeting with the customer. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more details.

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