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Power Transmission Products

  • Drive Chains

    Drive chains use the power of a motor or other source for tension and transmit the power to a machine via a sprocket.

  • Small Size Conveyor Chains

    Small-sized conveyor chains come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of attachments for carrying loads of any shape.

  • Large Size Conveyor Chains

    Large-sized transfer chains are available for a wide range of conveyor lengths, conveyance methods, ambient environments, and other factors.

  • Top Chains

    Top chains are available as plastic conveyor chains for chain-driven structures, or with stainless-steel conveyance top plates.

  • Sprockets

    Sprockets transmit the rotation of a chain to a shaft or from a shaft to a chain.

  • Hose and Cable Carrier Systems

    These systems support and guide cables and other moving parts neatly while protecting the cables and other parts by restricting bending to create a track.

  • Timing Belts

    Timing belts use rounded tooth shapes to mesh for high-precision, low-noise transmission. The belts also eliminate the need for lubrication to provide clean transmission.

  • Timing Pulleys

    Timing pulleys are gears made for use with timing belts.

  • Reducers

    Reducers obtain torque proportional to the reduction ratio by outputting the power obtained from the output shaft of a motor or other power source by reducing the rotation speed of the gears.

  • Locking Devices

    Locking devices are friction-type fastening elements that fasten a shaft and boss easily, strongly, and securely with no backlash.

  • Shaft Couplings

    These mechanical elements connect two axes together. Shaft couplings are available in a wide range of types, for applications from general-purpose to high-precision.

  • Linear Actuators

    Power cylinders and linear actuators (jacks) combine a ball screw or trapezoidal screw with a geared motor.

  • Clutches

    Clutches transmit or cut rotation between two power transmission shafts.

  • Electrical Controllers

    Electrical controllers are devices that enable electric support of factory operation conditions and quality improvements. For example, electrical controllers can be used to synchronize operation when driving multiple axes or to protect equipment by detecting electrical currents.

  • Mechanical Protectors

    Mechanical protectors—such as friction-type protectors, separable overload protectors, and continuous-operation slipping clutches and brakes—protect equipment against excessive loads during abnormal conditions.

Materials Handling


  • Powertrain

    Enedrive Chains deliver high-efficiency power with as little loss as possible, contributing to the improved environmental performance of next-generation mobility.

  • Engine

    Our optimized timing chain systems provide fuel-efficient, low-noise solutions to automobile manufacturers around the world, contributing to the evolution of internal combustion engines in an effort to reduce environmental impact.

  • Next-Generation Mobility Initiatives

    We are refining our technology and expertise, taking on the challenge of new innovation toward “new manufacturing that supports the future of mobility.” We are regularly updating information on new products.

Zip Chains / Lifters

  • High-Speed Lifters

    Tsubaki lifters include high-speed, high-frequency operation types that use Zip Chains, and plug-and-play electric types that use a cantilever.

New Business

Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.