Tsubaki Conveyors in Eco-related Industries

Tsubaki Conveyors in Eco-related Industries

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We have renewed our webpage for conveyors in eco-related industries.
New content for BSF, LFV, EFV, and NBK Conveyors has been added.

Product Line-up for Tsubaki Conveyors in Eco-related Industries

We offer a wide line-up of conveyors with specifications that improve work environments and maintain comfort on equipment for eco industries. Consider using Tsubaki's line-up of specialized products when planning your next equipment.

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Select a suitable conveyor from our line-up by product based on characteristics and features.

Consider using Tsubaki wide line-up of conveyors, which are suitable for a variety of conveyors in multitudinous industries and applications.

Waste disposal facility

Waste disposal facility illustration

General waste, shredded waste, incinerated residue, bottom ash, fly ash, molten fly ash, char, garbage, incombustible, quartz sand, incinerated ash, collected ash, molten slag, etc.



Recycling搬入 illustration

Waste plastic, cullet, glass bottles, car shredder scrap, ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue), solid fuel (RDF, RPF), shredded PTE bottles, empty cans, compost, etc.



Biomass  illustration

Wood pellets, woodchips, wood waste, bark, sawdust, pruned branches/leaves, PKS (Palm Kernel Shell), EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch), coal, pulverized coal, feed, fertilizer, sugar cane/bagasse, tea leaves, coffee grounds, soy sauce cake, shochu distillate, food residue, vegetable waste, etc.


Water and sewerage

Water and sewerage illustration

Screen residue, sludge, compost, incinerated sludge ash, sludge molten slug, sludge carbide, dry sludge, grit, dehydrated cake, quartz sand, molten fly ash, bony parts of fish, calcium carbonate, etc.


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