Innovation in motion TSUBAKI

100th ANNIVERSARY since 1917

Driving the World…and the Future

Have you ever hit on an idea and just couldn’t sit still? It excites you, and sets your heart ablaze. Do we still find the thrill in manufacturing? Never give up, even if you fail. Instead, transform those frustrations into energy, rack your brains, and develop your skills. Do we still have the passion for manufacturing? It was a unique pioneering spirit that drove Tsubaki when it was founded. One hundred years have passed since then, and now, more than ever, we are passionate about manufacturing, and we stand at the forefront of manufacturing. We will exceed the expectations of society through our engineering, ideas, and solutions. We will drive the world and the future, and we will develop technology to do this. It all starts with chain. We will drive innovation, and change what the world takes for granted. Nothing will happen if we just sit and wait. Nothing will change if we just keep nodding in agreement. This is how we’ll create a new future that no one has imagined.

With our deepest gratitude for the past 100 years,we look forward to the changes andchallenges of the next 100 years.With our deepest gratitude for the past 100 years,
we look forward to the changes
and challenges of the next 100 years.

In April 2017, Tsubakimoto Chain celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding.