Tsubaki NAB400J Aprovator Conveyors in Eco-related Industries

Enables lightweight design and inexpensive pricing thanks to its plastic rollers.

Tsubaki NAB400J Aprovator uses energy-saving buckets that are lightweight and inexpensive. They're effective for corrosion/adhesion resistance.

Features -- NAB400J Aprovator

Features -- NAB400J Aprovator
  1. Lightweight and easy to handle. One quarter the weight of Aprovators made of steel (in-house comparison).
  2. Plastic provides superb corrosion resistance.
  3. Less adhesive than other Aprovators made of steel -- the NAB400J Aprovator is a resin molded product and its corners are curved.
  4. Buckets are always in stock.
  5. Compatible with any NAB400 Aprovator currently in use.

Bucket Material: Polyacetal (Duracon)

  • Maintains a proper balance of various mechanical characteristics such as tensile and impact strength.
  • Has excellent fatigue resistance and maintains stable performance.
  • Has excellent slidability for extended periods thanks to its superb wear resistance.

Points of caution

  • Only NAB400 Series is available.
  • Cannot handle high-temperature conveyed material.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative for the feasibility of adopting this product.

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