Company Info

This mission statement signifies the Tsubakimoto Chain Group's unified determination to do "all for the global customer's delight." Based on this mission statement, we are constantly improving every aspect of our products and creating ideas for new products and services as part of our dream to build an even better company responsive to the needs of customers worldwide. The mission statement expresses these desires clearly and concisely and stands as the foundation of our management practices.

Our Mission

Excellence in Manufacturing for Customers around the World

We will provide the best value to customers around the world by capitalizing on our technical strengths in power transmission products and materials handling systems.

Our Vision

We aim to be a leading company in the global markets for our products.

Our Values

  • We will contribute to overall social and economic development by manufacturing products that satisfy customers.
  • We will gain the trust and meet the expectations of society through compliance with laws and corporate ethics, and through active information disclosure.
  • We will contribute to the development of local societies as a good corporate citizen by taking into full account the customs of each region and country.
  • We will demonstrate creativity and an ability to accept new challenges, and take action promptly.
  • We will build open business relationships through fairness and honesty with our business partners, aiming for mutual prosperity and growth.
  • We will work tirelessly to nurture and develop businesses in target markets in which we have the potential to be No. 1.
  • We will try to protect the global environment in all of our business activities in order to contribute to an abundant future for society.
  • We will carry out innovative operations globally, bringing together the strengths of our affiliates, both domestic and overseas.