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Timing Chain Systems

Timing Chain Systems
(Cam Drive/Accessory Drive Chain System)

Tsubakimoto Chain invests significant resources into the development of mobility such as timing chains and other parts. We supply a range of products to meet the needs of next-generation high-performance engines and environmentally friendly engines such as high performance, low noise, and light weight.

Timing chains. Tsubakimoto Chain holds a 37% share of the world market and a 69% share of the Japanese market. We have shifted to the development of more compact products in response to the growing demand for hybrid cars.

About Timing Chain Systems

The following is a detailed explanation of timing chain systems produced by Tsubakimoto Chain.


Roller Chains

Driving camshafts and enabling precise valve timing, roller chains play a central role in timing chain system, which are indispensable components of engines. Tsubaki's roller chains combine the performance characteristics that automakers demand, including strength, durability, low noise, and lightness.

Silent Chains

Tsubaki's silent chains are the fruit of efforts to further lower noise while maintaining rollerchain characteristics. Also, Tsubaki has realized even more compact timing chain systems by introducing an ultra-small, 6.35mm-pitch silent chain.


In timing chain systems, sprockets mesh with chains to transmit rotations accurately to camshafts. Tsubaki's metallurgical technologies and heat treatment processes enhance the wear lives of sprockets. Also, we produce sprockets that are compatible with silent chains - a process once regarded as problematic. What's more, we have made timing chain systems even quieter by improving the shape of the sprocket teeth.


Tensioners make a significant contribution to noise reduction by counteracting chain vibration and elongation in all operational conditions. Tsubaki's tensioners deliver the low noise and reliability that automakers need by combining oil hydraulic and mechanical technologies to suit each engine's specifications. Moreover, our tensioners are specially designed to mitigate excessive chain tension.

Levers and Guides

Levers and guides perform a vital role in mitigating chain vibration and ensuring accurate valve timing. Our breakthroughs in materials and molding technologies allow us to manufacture lighter, lower-friction levers and guides.