Timing Chain Systems

Tsubaki invests significant resources into the development of automotive timing chain systems and related parts. We supply a range of products to meet the needs of next-generation engines and environmentally friendly engines with high performance, low noise, and light weight products.

Tsubaki’s timing chain systems: Global share

Tsubaki's timing chain system has
the largest global market share

Tsubaki's timing chains are used in 37% of engines that use timing chain systems, giving us the largest market share in the world.
*Based on internal research

Tsubaki’s production

One in three cars produced worldwide
are equipped with Tsubaki products

In FY2019, our products were used in 30 million of the cars produced worldwide.

We produce around 40,150kms of timing chain in any given year, which is more than the circumference of the earth!
*Based on internal research

Global network of Tsubaki’s automotive parts business

We support development and production at 14 sites in 9 countries

We have production plants and sales and engineering offices located in major countries around the world in order to provide closer and faster support to our customers with world gasoline engines and other global projects.

Tsubaki’s new technologies for timing chain systems

Phase-cycle Fluctuating Low Noise

Meshing noise is reduced by varying the pitch cycle of the sprocket teeth
→ Reduces car noise

Please refer to the noise comparison data between conventional sprockets and low noise sprockets to confirm the reduction effect.
*Click on left to listen

High-pressure Chamber Variable Volume

New Tensioner contributes to higher efficiency and lower engine fuel consumption

  • Reduces 90% of tensioner's oil consumption

  • Reduces minimum oil pressure

  • Lowers chain tension
    (lowers tensioner reaction force)

→ contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Timing chain system products

Timing chains

Roller Chains

Driving camshafts and enabling precise valve timing, roller chains play a central role in timing chain systems, which are indispensable components of engines. Tsubaki's roller chains combine the performance characteristics that automakers demand, including strength, durability, low noise, and lightweight.

Silent Chains

Tsubaki's silent chains are the fruit of efforts to further lower noise while maintaining roller chain characteristics. Tsubaki has also realized even more compact timing chain systems by introducing an ultra-small, 6.35mm-pitch silent chain.


In timing chain systems, sprockets mesh with chains to transmit rotations accurately to camshafts. Tsubaki's metallurgical and heat treatment technologies enhance the wear lives of sprockets. We produce sprockets that are compatible with silent chains - a process once regarded as problematic - and we have made timing chain systems even quieter by improving the profile of the sprocket teeth.


Tensioners are an extremely important fuctional component for absorbing chain vibration and reducing noise and elongation under all operational conditions. Tsubaki's tensioners deliver the low noise and reliability that automakers require by combining hydraulic and mechanical technologies to suit engine specifications. Moreover, our tensioners are specially designed to mitigate excessive chain tension.

Levers and Guides

Levers and guides perform a vital role in mitigating chain vibration and ensuring accurate valve timing. Our breakthroughs in materials and molding technologies allow us to manufacture lighter, lower-friction levers and guides.