New Craft of Manufacturing
Supporting the Future of Mobility

What can Tsubaki do now to realize a sustainable society?

From internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, and
beyond to a whole new future of mobility. The more areas
we can contribute to, the more we can help society.

Please take a look at our new challenges and watch us take
the craft of manufacturing to new heights!

Powertrain products

Tsubaki’s timing chain systems have contributed to improving
the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines.
With the world’s most advanced power transmission
technology developed over many years, we will accelerate
innovation toward further CO2 reduction and electrification
of future mobility.

Body and interior products

Amidst the diversification and changes in mobility
we create a comfortable interior space through
“motion” technology that inspires imagination;
opening/closing doors, moving seats, loading/
unloading luggage, and more…

V2X bi-directional
EV charging systems

Connecting EVs and society toward the realization of
a sustainable society, Tsubaki’s “eLINK” routinely serves
as a “regulator of electric power supply,” and supports
a stable supply of electricity in times of disaster.