Tsubaki’s timing chain systems have contributed to
improving the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines.
With the world’s most advanced power
transmission technology developed over many years,
we will accelerate innovation toward further CO2
reduction and electrification of future mobility.

Tsubaki’s chain drives chosen for
over 100 years

As a leading manufacturer of timing chain systems, Tsubaki is engaged in the development of products and technologies that improve the efficiency and environmental performance of powertrains, and this is why our customers around the world continue to adopt our products.
Enedrive Chain and cam clutches are just two examples of products that we continue to evolve to help our customers achieve their goals of reducing energy loss and CO2 emissions.

Passion and know-how for manufacturing
incorporated into each simple part

Tsubaki's powertrain products are very simple in structure and shape, consisting of only five parts for chains and three parts for cam clutches.
It is hard to imagine from its simplicity, but our manufacturing capabilities, honed through many years of experience in mass production, enable us to build products with unparalleled performance and quality unrivaled by any other company. We hope you will enjoy our products and contact us for a visit.