Amidst the diversification and changes in mobility,
we create a comfortable interior space through
“motion” technology that inspires imagination;
opening/closing doors, moving seats,
loading/unloading luggage, and more…

Tsubaki’s technology supporting
safety, security and comfort of mobility

Tsubaki products are not only used in powertrains, but in other areas of mobility, such as power sliding doors and power seats, that also contribute subtly to the safety and security of vehicles. Tsubaki will continue to take on new challenges in order to provide even greater comfort to all users of mobility.

“Power transmission” and “Art of moving”
…the way nature intended

Tsubaki’s mission is to “Advance the art of moving beyond expectations.” By leveraging our expertise in technology to transmit power and make things move, we aim to support the convenience of mobility as a matter of course. If you feel that Tsubaki’s new initiatives have the potential to help you, please contact us for a visit.