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 On June 1, 2016, Tsubakimoto Chain (President: Yasushi Ohara; Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka) introduced the 100th anniversary model G8 Series (8th generation) Drive Chain: G8 Series RS® Roller Chain, our standard line, and Super (Heavy-Duty) Drive Chain, a robust product with a higher maximum allowable tension.

G8 Series RS® Roller Chain Super (Heavy-Duty) Drive Chain

 Since conforming to JIS standards in 1953, our RS Roller Chain has undergone a model change around every ten years as part of our constant pursuit of every-higher quality. As a result, this chain has become our flagship product. With the preceding model change in 2006, we introduced our seventh-generation G7 Series RS® Roller Chain, which offered a dramatic improvement in service life. Now, as we approach our 100th anniversary in 2017, we have introduced our 100th anniversary model G8 Series Drive Chain with new models: Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains (for power transmission), Lube-Free Drive Chains, Standard Drive Chains and Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chains, all of which have been gradually introduced onto the market since the spring of 2015. With the release of these two new products, all models from this series are now available to our customers.

Note: This new product meets our voluntary eco assessment criteria.

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1. RS® Roller Chain G8 – Now with 20% longer service life

 In the final manufacturing process for this chain, a rust preventive oil is applied to the completed chain to inhibit rust and improve durability. Developed in-house, this innovative rust preventive oil contributes to a 20% longer service life for this chain.
What’s more, unlike conventional oils, it does not leave a sticky residue on the chain surface. As a result, chain replacement is a more customer-friendly task. These innovations also contribute to reduced maintenance costs for the customer while also minimizing maintenance procedures.

 ■ Available models: RS40 to RS240, in 11 sizes
(Small size RS11 to RS35 are conventional configurations)

2. Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chain – Now with greatly improved performance

 Used mainly in applications requiring the movement of large loads at low speeds, this chain provides increased strength as a result of a new heat-treatment process, thicker material, and innovative shapes while remaining the same size as the standard type of chain. The following three models of chain have been updated.

(1) RS-HT Roller Chain: Now with twice the service life

 By increasing the thickness of the link plates compared to the standard type, we have improved the tensile strength of this chain. Compared with conventional products, it offers double the service life thanks to the highly precise seamless bushing. This innovation greatly reduces customer maintenance costs.

(2) Super Roller Chain: Featuring a 5–10% improvement in maximum allowable tension

 With the innovative shape of its new link plate, this chain offers a 5–10% improvement in maximum allowable tension. This was achieved through an updated processing method that results in improved parts precision.

(3) Super-H Roller Chain: Now with a 20% increase in maximum allowable load

 By increasing the thickness of the link plate, which has the same innovative shape as the Super Roller Chain, we have improved the maximum allowable load of this chain in addition to improving its tensile strength and shock absorbency. By providing a ring coin on the inner link plate, maximum allowable load has been improved by 20%. This makes it possible to substitute a smaller-sized chain, which allows the customer to enjoy the advantages of space-saving as well as an overall cost reduction.

Ring coin processing

*Ring coin processing increases strength by generating residual stress around the hole. This is achieved by forming a plastic deformation along the plate hole.

3. Applications

Various power transmission devices

4. Price

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5. Delivery


6. Release date

June 1, 2016(Japan only)
*Launch dates will vary by region.

7. Sales target

10 to 20% increase from fiscal 2015 level


100th Anniversary Model:
Tsubaki G8 Series Drive Chain
Performance Comparison with Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chain
*Minimum tensile strength and maximum allowable tension of RS® Roller Chain are indexed as 100.