Environmental Approach

With the conservation of the environment recognized as one of the most important issues shared by humankind, the Tsubaki group recognizes the impact that its business activities, products, and services have on the environment. With this in mind, the group is actively promoting the development of eco-products in addition to undertaking efforts to reduce its environmental impact from a mid- to long-term perspective.

Tsubaki Group Basic Environmental Policy

The Tsubaki Group Recognize that environmental conservation is one of the most important issues shared by humankind, and se-riously considers the environment in all aspects of its global business activities and contributes to the “development of a sustainable society” by generating environmental value and economic value through manufacturing.
Environmental Policy
  1. Reduce environmental impact/We will promote the efficient utilization of energy and resources, reduction of CO2 emissions and appropriate management of wastes and hazardous chemicals, and work hard to reduce our environmental impact through lifecycles of products and services.
  2. Develop and spread eco-products/We will actively develop and spread environmentally friendly products in pursuit of ecology and economy and aim to achieve both environmental conservation and economic benefits.
  3. Observe laws and other requirements/We will observe applicable laws, arrangements and other requirements which our organiza-tion has agreed to.
  4. Improve environmental awareness/We will improve the environmental awareness through environmental education, internal communications and other measures and promote environmentally friendly activities in our own jobs and living places.
  5. Promote environmental communication/We will positively disclose appropriate environmental information to our stakeholders to in-crease social reliability.

We will continually improve the environmental management system to ensure the achievement of plans based on the environmental manage-ment long-term vision and as a good corporate citizen, we will be com-mitted to the conservation of our global environment with sincerity.

Chairman & CEO,
April 1, 2017

Environmental Objective

To clearly demonstrate our corporate social responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions, which is a significant component of our environmental initiatives, the Tsubaki Group maintains the following long-term objective:

Long-term Objective
Reduce total CO2 emissions in Japan by 30% by FYE 2031 (Base year: FYE 2014)

With this outlook in mind, the Tsubaki Group has set short-term challenges and is united in its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Environmental Management

Promotion System
At the Tsubaki Group, environmental management is promoted by the Tsubaki Group Environmental Committee under the control of the chairman of Tsubakimoto Chain. The committee is chaired by the chairman and staffed by plant managers, division managers, and representatives from Tsubaki Group companies. It addresses the group's environmental challenges from a mid- to long-term perspective.
Environmental Management System
Environmental Management System