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A multistage structure with a space-saving design requiring only 25 sq. m.

Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd. (President: Yasushi Ohara, Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka) has developed the Linisort S-C tilt tray sorter, a new model featuring a compact multistage structure designed for exceptional space saving.

Linisort S-C tilt tray sorter

Linisort is our line of high-speed automatic sorting equipment noted for its high-performance sorting capability. It features a non-contact drive with our proprietary high-efficiency linear motor for a clean and quiet work environment. Our product line features five available models ranging from compact to high-capacity models and even a 3-dimensional model. We can suggest the ideal model for your automatic sorting needs, materials handled, and usage environment.

After determining a market need for automatic sorting equipment capable of processing small items within limited warehouse space — a task often performed by hand — we developed a space-saving model suitable for use in the confined space of warehouses, distribution centers, and even meeting rooms. We designed the compact-format Linisort S-C, which features a multistage structure, to provide high-performance sorting capabilities even within a limited installation space.

On September 13, 2016, we participated in Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016, a material-handling and logistics trade exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight, where we will exhibit the Linisort S-C as well as the labor-saving Linisort S-E, which combines automatic sorting with identification by RFID tag and robotic operation for enhanced work efficiency.

Features of the Linisort S-C

  • Space-saving design
    Measuring as small as 3.5 m x 7.2 m (for a 30-shot unit), this compact unit features multistage construction with two stages, an upper and a lower, and requires as little as 25 sq. m. of installation space.
  • The machine length can be extended to accommodate changing processing volume. The system is also easy to move and install.
    • Machine length can be adjusted on a unit-by-unit basis to accommodate changing processing volume. This allows for a flexible response with increased processing capacity to meet varying work volume.
    • Thanks to the unitized structure, all-electric drive can be installed in a short period of time. What's more, the main unit, input conveyors and chutes are all equipped with wheels for easy relocation.
  • High-capacity sorting
    Despite the compact design, this sorter provides ample sorting capacity of up to 6,000 units/h. It provides highly accurate, error-free sorting without depending on the operator's skill level.
  • Contributes to a quiet working environment
    This unit is equipped with a linear motor for a clean and quiet work environment.

Basic Equipment Configuration

Linisort S-C tilt tray sorter


Item Model R300 Model R500
Machine capacity Single-stage configuration: 3,000 units/h
Two-stage configuration: 6,000 units/h
Single-stage configuration: 2,400 units/h
Two-stage configuration: 4,800units/h
Tray pitch 400mm 500mm
Size of target workpiece Max: L350mm x W250mm x H50mm
Min: L100mm x W100mm x H10mm
Max: L450mm x W350mm x H150mm
Min: L100mm x W100mm x H10mm
Weight of target workpiece 0.1kg to 2kg
Loading method Auto loading (conveyor)
Induction quantity 1 to 4
Two-stage configuration: 1 induction = 1 upper and 1 lower induction
Number of chutes 90 chutes/stage max.
(Two-stage configuration: 180 chutes)