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A freestanding flat cable system available in a long stroke type

On October 1, 2016, Tsubakimoto Chain (President: Yasushi Ohara; Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka) introduced the Tsubaki Flatveyor, a patented freestanding flat cable system available in a long stroke type of up to 3 meters in length.

Tsubaki Flatveyor
Tsubaki Flatveyor™
Tsubaki Flatveyor
Flat cable (Competitor's product)
Tsubaki Flatveyor
Tsubaki Flatveyor

Tsubakimoto Chain developed this flat cable product available in a longer stroke type in response to customer demand. Featuring an innovative cable and hose support and guide device, the Tsubaki Flatveyor was created for customers who could not use a cableveyor because of issues regarding dust or the like. Depending on the customer’s application and site conditions, a flexible cable, pneumatic tube, and cover tube for the support members are bonded into a flat structure. We also offer the Flatveyor embedded with our own proprietary support member.

The support member (embedded in a sealed cover tube) maintains a reliable track so that the structure can bend in one direction at the designated flexural radius, similar to a cableveyor, with the cable supporting and guiding it in a stable movement. In addition, the smooth bending contributes to low-noise operation and minimal dust generation.

The Tsubaki Flatveyor allows for simplification of dust generation and soundproof measures in equipment, resulting in reduced overall costs. Moreover, the simple structure contributes to lower weight and reduced space requirements.

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Note: This new product meets our voluntary eco assessment criteria.


  • Long stroke type available
    Because the support members have their own short pitch structure, a stroke motion of up to 3 m in length is available.
  • Buckling control
    Suppresses buckling and achieves smooth operation even under high-speed operating conditions while securing the minimum bend radium of the cable.
  • Industry-leading dust suppression
    Because the cables and tubes are bonded in a flat structure, any friction between the cables and tubes is prevented. Furthermore, the support members are housed in a cover tube, resulting in very low dust generation and a cleanliness level equivalent to ISO Class 2 in our testing.
  • Low-noise operation
    Support members generate reduced noise during operation thanks to their short pitch structure.


LCD and semiconductor manufacturing devices, inspection equipment, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical manufacturing devices which require a high degree of cleanliness

  • Available products
    Bend radius (mm): R40, R70, R100, R130
    Note: Maximum stroke length is 3m (with R100 or R130)
  • Delivery date
    As determined by our build-to-order system
  • Pricing
    Quoted upon order
Tsubaki Flatveyor