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Our centennial model is a compact, lightweight electric cylinder with a capacity exceeding 6 tons.

To commemorate the centennial of the company, Tsubakimoto Chain Co., (President: Yasushi Ohara, Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka) has introduced the U Series Power Cylinder, a compact and lightweight electric cylinder with a thrust exceeding 6 tons. This product goes on sale on June 1, 2017.

U Series Power Cylinder

U Series Power Cylinder, B type U Series Power Cylinder, C type (Shown with optional external limit switch with bellows)

In recent years, there has been a growing need to replace hydraulic systems with electric systems in order to reduce the environmental impact associated with their operation.

 Demand for electric motors to replace hydraulic cylinders is growing, mainly at steel plants and waste incineration plants. This trend will reduce the amount of electricity required to maintain hydraulic pressure while improving ease of installation and reducing maintenance requirements through the elimination of hydraulic units. However, the large size of conventional electric cylinders and the costs associated with the introduction of this equipment have presented a challenge. Consequently, the adoption rate of electric cylinders as replacement units has not progressed as much as anticipated.

In developing the new U Series Power Cylinders, Tsubakimoto Chain thoroughly reviewed the design of the ball screws and other main parts. The result was a compact and lightweight product that reduces costs while providing the same capabilities as our conventional product, the T Series, with minimum thrust of 6 tons. In addition to requiring less space, this device facilitates the replacement of hydraulic cylinders, thus lowering power consumption while greatly reducing the environmental impact of such units.

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Note: This new product meets our voluntary eco assessment criteria.


  • Low weight, compact design
    In addition to adopting innovative, specialized ball screws and bearings, this series benefits from a wholesale redesign of the gear case, bracket, and other components. The result is an approximate 10% reduction in the maximum size and an approximate 30% reduction in mass.
    Comparison of typical dimensions and mass
    U Series Power Cylinder
  • Expanded product line
    The product line now includes a new 22-ton model. Customers can choose the optimal model from the wide range of thrust capacities and speed ranges available. We plan to add models with high rated thrusts of 32 tons and 50 tons in 2018.
  • Enhanced value
    The smaller size and lighter weight of the U Series have resulted in a roughly 20% cost reduction compared with the previous series. What’s more, since the power cylinder is an electric model, its electricity consumption is about 1/5 that of a hydraulic model.
  • Environment-friendly
    The U Series Power Cylinder is an eco-friendly product that complies with the RoHS Directive restricting the use of hazardous substances.


Steelmaking plants, waste incineration plants, auto manufacturing plants

Available models

5 thrust specifications: 58.8 kN, 78.4 kN, 117 kN, 156 kN, and 215 kN

Safety mechanisms: 2 types (B type : wet slip clutch; C type : thrust detection mechanism)

Lead time

Units are built-to-order.

Sales forecast

FY 2017: ¥300 million; FY 2020: ¥600 million

Release date

June 1, 2017