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  • Sorting/conveyance system for the distribution industry

LiniSort S-C

High-capacity, small tilt tray sorter

Space savings

The multi-stage structure allows for space saving.

Minimum unit (30 chutes)
Installable in a 25 m2 space

Easy to install

The castors facilitate installation and movement.

Normal delivery time of a minimum unit: About one day

High capacity and silencing performance

We have applied our extensive know-how regarding tilt tray sorters. The unit features low noise, higher energy savings, and high performance.
* Patent pending

Sorting performance: Up to 6,000 units/hour
Linear motor drive

LINISORT S-C basic equipment configuration

LINISORT S-C basic equipment configuration
R300 type R500 type
Machine capacity Single-stage configuration: 3,000 units/hour Single-stage configuration: 2,400 units/hour
Two-stage configuration: 6,000 units/hour Two-stage configuration: 4,800 units/hour
Tray pitch 400 mm 500 mm
Size of target workpiece Max: L350 mm × W250 mm × H50 mm Max: L450 mm × W350 mm × H150 mm
Min: L100 mm × W100 mm × H10 mm Min: L100 mm × W100 mm × H10 mm
Weight of target workpiece 0.1–2 kg
Loading method Auto loading (conveyor)
Induction quantity 1 to 4
* Two-stage configuration: 1 induction = upper and lower induction
Number of chutes Up to 90 chutes/stage
(Two-stage configuration: 180 chutes)