Tsubaki provides the best solutions for steelmaking equipment--Applications in the Steel Mill

Steel Mill

Here, the hot metal from the blast furnace is decarbonized to form molten steel. Afterwards, the molten steel is sent to the continuous casting process to be hardened and formed into shapes.

Converter --T Series Power Cylinder

Here, the hot metal from the blast furnace is reduced to form molten steel. The hot metal contains carbon, silicon, phosphorus, and many other impurities, so it is transferred to the converter, where oxygen is blown in from above and below to oxidize and remove the impurities. This allows the required optimal components to be adjusted to make steel.


The T Series Power Cylinder is a heavy thrust type power cylinder that uses AC power. Tsubaki offers a wide range of models to match any application, thrust, or speed needs.

All models use a braked motor for reliable load support and safety. Heat resistant and other special braked motors can be easily installed for high temperature environments.

T Series Power Cylinder

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Ladle Turret -- Large Pin Gear Drive Unit

With pin wheel type Pin Gear Drive Units, users can select either inner or outer pin gear drive, making it easy to choose the right drive type for your equipment. In addition, the pin wheels are segmented for easy assembly and replacement.


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Continuous casting --Dummy Bar Car Chain/Steel Cableveyor

Here, the molten steel reduced in the converter is hardened and shaped into billets. The molten steel taken from the converter is continuously poured from the ladle into a mold below and cooled. The cooled, hardened steel is cut to specific lengths and carried to the rolling process to be shaped.

Continuous casting

Dummy Bar Car Chain

This chain returns dummy bars used in continuous casting to their original position.

The attachments are individually designed to match the customer's dummy bars. The plates and the part of the attachment that engages the dummy bar are quench hardened for added strength.

Dummy Bar Car Chain

Steel Cableveyor

TKV Series Cableveyors have a maximum stroke length of 30m (100m for the TKI Series). The maximum travel speed of the TKV Series is 150m/min, and 120m/min for the TKI Series, so they are usable in high frequency, high speed, and long travel stroke ranges where previous steel Cableveyors were not.


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Corrosion Resistant Steel Cable Carriers

Tsubaki steel cable carriers are strong, stiff, and durable. Our extensive line-up includes special surface treated specifications that are perfect for use around steam and other high humidity environments, debris resistant and covered specifications that offer excellent durability and cable/hose protection in environments where debris scattering and accumulation is an issue, and other models suited to any harsh operating environment.

Surface treated steel cable carriers

The link plates and connecting pins on the cable carrier are specially coated for superb corrosion resistance.

Prevents corrosion in plants with a haze of fumes and water vapor and contributes to improved durability and less replacement frequency. The dimensions and performance are the same as with standard specifications, which you can replace without modifying the original

Results of salt spray tests

It takes more than triple the time to rust as does standard specifications. (*In one instance of an in-house test.)

Link plate from standard specifications


Link plate with special surface treatment


Debris Resistant Steel Cable Carriers

Perfect for protection against clogging from debris, welding spatter, hot chips, etc.

Widening the space between the two links plates that make up a cable carrier prevents clogging due to debris and hot chips, which eliminates problems with poor bending and flapping during operation. Debris resistant cable carriers provide smooth operation and better durability in optimal conditions, even in environments where debris is present. They have the same performance as standard specifications.

Totally stainless steel cable carriers are available for use in environments where even high corrosion resistance is necessary. (Not available for TKS frames)


Steel Cable Carriers with Covers

Perfect for preventing clogging from debris, welding spatter, and hot chips.

Attaching stainless steel covers on cable carriers will protect the cables and hoses from debris, spatter, and hot chips. They have the same performance as standard specifications.


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