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Cement IndustryDrive Applications

Tsubaki have solutions for power transmission in cement industry.

G8 Series Drive Chain

The G8 Series is a superior drive chain developed utilizing TSUBAKI's 100 years of manufacturing expertise.

RS Roller Chain G8 (Standard Drive Chain)

RS Roller Chain picture

Economical and Long Life

TSUBAKI's standard RS G8 Roller Chain uses a seamless solid bushing developed by advanced TSUBAKI engineering and processing.

TSUBAKI’s patented lube groove technology in our precision solid bushings retain lubrication and provide superior wear life.

Lube grooves available for RS80-RS140 only. (RS16B-RS28B for BS/DIN standard)

Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chains

Super (Heavy Duty) Drive Chains picture

For Heavy Duty Transmission

TSUBAKI offers a variety of heavy duty and super chains to provide users with a higher maximum allowable load, shock absorption, fatigue strength and tensile strength than standard RS roller chains.

Super Chain Performance comparison with RS Roller Chain

Performance comparison chart

  • With RS Roller Chain as benchmark (100)
  • Available sizes : RS80 – RS240, up to sextuple strand

Surface Treated NEPTUNE CHAIN ®

Out Standing Corrosion Resistance

TSUBAKI's NEPTUNE CHAIN combines uniquely developed base and resin coatings for superior corrosion and chemical resistance against water and alkalis.

Surface Treated Roller Chain

In-house salt water spray test results

Chart: In-house salt water spray test results

Drive Chain titan ™ Series

titan Series picture

Superior Wear Life in High Speed and Harsh Condition

The titan Chain integrates the latest advancements from TSUBAKI’s research and development to increase the wear life of roller chains in high speed and harsh environments.

Our titan chain incorporates 4 best features of our standard ANSI chain coupled with new and unique features to outperform other extended life chains.

Special Coated Pins

Titan Chainfeatures pic.

Zinc Coated Pin Link Plates and Black Oxide Roller Link Plates

Titan Chainfeatures pic.

Solid Lube Groove Bushes

Titan Chainfeatures pic.

Ring-Coined Connecting Links

Titan Chainfeatures pic.