Cement IndustryTsubaki Examples of Use by Industry and Application

Cement IndustryFeeder and Reclaimer

Diversity of materials such as limestone, clay, iron ore, etc are used to manufacture cement. Materials are imported to the plants and transferred or stored before transferring to the next process step.

BSF Feeder (Belt Slat Feeder)

TSUBAKI BSF FEEDER is a tough and simply-structured feeder that directly receives and feeds materials, utilising functions of both belt and conveyor chain.

Possible to receive from both sides

Possible to receive from both sides illustration

Feeder illustration

Main Features of BSF Feeder

  • Underground Pit is not required
  • Spillage conveyor is not necessary
  • Receive materials directly and convey incline in one unit
  • Easy maintenance and high strength
  • No slip occurrence

Capacity of BSF Feeder

95m3 to 690m3

Reclaimer Chain

Reclaimer Chain illustration

When abrasive material infiltrates between bushes and rollers, and infiltrates outboard rollers, the rollers lock and wear accelerates between bush and roller, causing your chain to reach its wear life.

Using TSUBAKI’s dust resistant bearing rollers extends the life of your reclaimer chain.

Reclaimer Chain structure fig.

Main Features of Reclaimer Chain

  • Solves the problem of dust causing early wear between bushes and rollers
  • Increases efficiency which lowers cost
  • Suppresses stick-slip phenomenon
  • Extends roller and rail life

Sprockets for Large Size Conveyor Chain

Replaceable Sprocket Blades

Replaceable Sprocket Blades picture

TSUBAKI also offers a line-up of sprockets where just the teeth can be replaced, which can reduce the massive replacement costs and labor when sprockets need replacing.

We can also deliver sprockets already assembled onto their shafts.

Replaceable Sprocket Blades image

smart tooth® Sprockets

smart tooth Sprocket picture

TSUBAKI offers a variety of heavy duty and super chains to provide users with a higher maximum allowable load, shock absorption, fatigue strength and tensile strength than standard RS roller chains.

Comparison – New

Comparison – New picture

Worn Sprocket

Worn Sprocket picture