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A machining center is an CNC machine that can mill, drill, bore, tap, and perform various other work all without changing the attachment of the work piece. It can automatically bring several various different tools to the work location.

Main Spindle Area -- Couplings, Power Locks, and Oil Resistant Belts

The main spindle is the heart of a machining center. It rotates attached tools to machine the work piece.

On the spindle drive, you'll find a complete line-up of Tsubaki products for belt drives, servo motor direct coupling drives, and built-in motor drives.

Servo Motor Direct Coupling Type

Tsubaki couplings are the best choice for coupling main spindles and servo motors


Details on Couplings

Built-in Motor Type

Power Locks are used to fasten rotors for built-in spindle motors


Details on Power Locks

Belt Drive Type

The Oil Proof Type Ultra PX Belt can be used in environments in contact with oil. Because it is based on the high performance HC Type Ultra PX Belt -- with added oil resistance -- it offers the same transmission performance as the HC Series.


Details on Oil Proof Type Ultra PX Belts

The Oil Proof Type Belt is a made-to-order product. (Minimum order quantity: 1 belt)

Taper Feed Mechanism (X-, Y-, and Z-axes) -- Cableveyors and Couplings

Machining centers use a variety of methods to turn the motor that feeds the ball screw and move the table.

Tsubaki offers a selection of couplings to match your needs in connecting the feed spindles (X-, Y-, and Z-axes) of the ball screw and servo motor, and Cableveyors to securely support and guide the cables and hoses as the equipment moves

Ball Screw and Servo Motor Coupling


Details on Couplings

Machine Movement -- Cable Carriers (Cableveyor®)


Details on Cable Carriers

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Systems -- ATC Chain and Power Locks

An ATC system automatically changes tools in a machining center as needed.

Tsubaki has long years of experience and success with chain-type ATC systems. Choose from our complete line-up of Power Locks to find the ideal one for your tool changer arm connection.

Power Locks are used in ATC systems

Details on Power Locks

ATC Chains

Details on ATC Chains

Automatic Pallet Changer (APC) Systems -- Reducers and Couplings for Servos

An APC system automatically replaces pallets onto which work pieces have been attached between the machining center and work table.

We offer a wide-array of couplings for connecting the ball screw and servo motor that move the pallets, and high precision reducers for the servo motors. PAT-Bを品揃えしています。

Details on Couplings

Details on Reducer for Servo Motors

Chip and Coolant Handling System -- Chip Conveyors

Chip conveyors carry away metal chips generated when turning/cutting on a machining center.

Tsubaki offers chip conveyors to discharge machined chips from the equipment, as well as coolant separators, slug recovery equipment, and other items needed in coolant processing. We also offer reducers for chip conveyors that have been integrated with overload protection devices.


Chip conveyors are manufactured and sold by Tsubaki Mayfran

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Overload and Wear Detectors -- Shock Monitor Overload Protection Devices

Tsubaki Shock Monitors quickly detect changes in power values and reliably detect overloads.

Installing an overload protection device can help you avoid defects resulting from broken tools and worsening yield rates.


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Automatic Door Operation Mechanism -- Belt-type Door Operation Unit

With machine tools becoming all electric, Tsubaki developed a belt-type door operation unit that uses a DC brushless motor for automatic door operation.

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information regarding this product.


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