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Tsubaki provides value and solutions to customers to match the constant evolution of machine tools. Here we'll introduce examples of how Tsubaki products provide solutions to various needs and problems.

Protection of hoses and cables from hot chips

Tailstock or vibration stopper in CNC lathes
Hose and cable carrier system below work

Scattering/accumulating chips on the cable/hose support guide device may cause chips to enter the interior, resulting in damage to both the cable/hose support guide device and the cable/hose.

  • Reduced maintenance man-hours
  • Avoiding machine trouble from cable damage

TKA Series Cableveyor

The TKA Series has the highest sealability of any plastic series cable carrier system to prevent hot chips from infiltrating the system.

Aramid Covers

Damage and heat resistant aramid fiber covers wrap around hose and cable carrier systems to prevent hot chips from infiltrating. They can easily be attached to existing systems.

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Save space and reduce noise with toothed belt drives

Milling spindle drive for CNC lathe
Servo motor driven by timing belt and pulleys

Large installation space required for timing belt and pulleys, and loud during high speed rotation.

  • Makes equipment more compact
  • Reduces noise

HY Type Ultra PX Belts

HY Type Ultra PX ultra-high strength timing belts have approximately twice the transmission performance of HC Type belts and allow users to reduce the size of their timing belt and pulleys. In addition, you can expect less noise reduction thanks to the shortened belt width.

Low Contact Pressure Type KE Series Power Locks

When connecting shafts and pulleys with Power Locks (friction type locking device), pulley diameters can be downsized by using Low Contact Pressure Type KE series Power Locks.

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Shortening and optimizing machining time

Grinding machine

Shortens the air-cutting time until contact between grindstone and workpiece

  • Shorter machining time
  • Optimized machining time

Contact detection type TSM4000M1 Shock Monitor

Shock Monitors can detect even minimal variations in load by monitoring input power. TSM4000M1 contact detection types can shorten air-cutting times because it can detect a minute load at the instant when the grindstone contacts with the workpiece.

Moreover, high frequency types are available for frequencies exceeding 120 Hz.

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Reduces lost motion in feed shaft couplings

Couplings for feed shafts in CNC lathes and machining centers

Need higher torsional stiffness for rigid couplings

  • Provides high precision feeding

Power Rigid Couplings

Power Rigid Couplings have high torsional stiffness due to taper lock friction with the shafts (approximately four times the torsional stiffness in in-house testing).

This reduces lost motion from couplings during power transmission.

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Adjusting work lifting device height using chain drive

Work lifter

It is difficult to adjust work height while lifting when using multiple chains.

  • Reduces man-hours

Super-H Roller Chain

Maximum allowable load has been improved 20% over previous Super-H Chain with the December 2016 upgrade. Super-H Chain has a low elastic elongation, making it easy to adjust work height position on lifting devices.

Tough Tooth sprockets with improved strength and durability are optimal for Heavy Duty Chain, and we strongly recommend them for Super-H Roller Chain.

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