Tsubaki products are used in every single section of the automotive manufacturing process.

Press shop

Major body components such as roofs and hoods are formed in the press section. Here, we stamp a steel plate and form it into a three-dimensional body using a press machine.

Servo Press -- HY Type Ultra PX Timing Belt

Servo presses need highly durable, high strength belts that can handle frequent shock loads under continuous operation, so they rely on HY Type Ultra PX ultra-high strength timing belts (with double the durability and strength of HC Type).

Has 1.3 – 2.0 times the transmission performance of HC Type. Allows users to reduce the size of their equipment for more compact operation.

Transmission capacity

Comparison of damping characteristic

Details on HY Type Ultra PX Timing Belt

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Discharge -- Large size conveyor chain and scrap conveyor

Several scrap conveyors operate on the floor of the press section, on which scrap material is discharged underneath the floor. These scrap conveyors feature Tsubaki large size conveyor chains with slats attached to convey press scrap to outside the facility.

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Discharge -- Small size gear motor

The small size gear motors that drive the scrap conveyors that discharge mill ends use Tsubaki hypoid motors. The output shaft features both a solid and hollow shaft with a wide range of reduction ratios available.

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For lifting components -- Zip Chain Lifter®

Zip Chain Lifters are used to lift stacked steel materials for stamping or components that have already been stamped. They enable higher-speed lifting/stopping accuracy compared to hydraulic lifters, which contributes to enhanced productivity.

Zip Chain Lifter

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