Tsubaki products are used in every single section of the automotive manufacturing process.

Body Welding Section

In the welding process, pressed components are automatically welded onto vehicle bodies using multi-axis robots.

On these robots, Tsubaki Cableveyors guide and protect welding gas hoses as well as power and signal cables. Meanwhile, timing belts and planetary gear reducers for servo motors are used on the gun welding electrodes.

Body Assembly --TKRB Series Cableveyor

Cable carriers group cables and wires together in moving areas of industrial equipment to protect and guide them.

The TKRB Series Cableveyor uses a special plastic material that provides excellent protection and endurance, and includes a steel wire inside to handle high loads. Its open structure allows cables to be pushed in, making maintenance easy.

The TKRB Series moves in three dimensions and is used on the arms of robots that weld vehicle bodies.

Watch in action (animated)

Video --TKRB Series Cableveyor

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For body and part assembly equipment --Lift Master

The Lift Master is an electrical lifter allowing overhang and lateral load.

Lift Masters are used in equipment that lifts incoming/outgoing work on lines where vehicle body frames, doors, and other parts are welded and assembled.

Lift Masters are "plug and play" and can be used immediately. Their low floor and compact design helps users save space.

Lift Master used in equipment to lift work

Check out Lift Master features in this video

Video -- Lift Master features

For body assembly equipment --Lift Master

Lift Masters, which have a long service life and are strong against lateral loads, are used in transfer equipment that loads assembled bodies onto carts for the next process.

Four interlocked Lift Masters can act as work lifting equipment for simply handling huge overhang loads.

Transfer equipment that loads assembled bodies onto carts for the next process after assembly.

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Video --Lift Master

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The guns that move welding electrodes -Ultra PX Belt HC Type-

The guns that move welding electrodes need to provide high strength, compact power transmission while having a clean transmission mechanism that will not spatter grease and oil. They use Tsubaki HC Type Ultra PX timing belts.

Much lower elongation during operation than with conventional PX belts
Over twice the transmission performance of conventional PX belts

Belt Elongation Comparison

Belt Elongation Comparison

Transmission Performance Comparison

Transmission Performance Comparison

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