Tsubaki products are used in every single section of the automotive manufacturing process.

Coating section

You'll find small size gear motors, cable carriers, lube-free chains, and other Tsubaki products playing an active role in the primer, intermediate coat, and top coat processes for vehicle bodies, doors, and other parts.

Primer Coat -- Small Size Gear Motor

The vehicle body primer coat is electrodeposited for rust resistance, so the body is hung from the ceiling and conveyed submerged through a pool of coating.

After the intermediate coat, each body is set on a cart and driven by friction rollers, which use Tsubaki’s small size gear motor gear reducers.

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Intermediate Coat -- TKRB Series Plastic Cableveyor

The intermediate coat makes the vehicle body surface smooth and prevents fading. This gray coat is sprayed all over the body using a coating robot.

These multi-axis robots use Tsubaki plastic Cableveyors to support and guide their power cables.

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Top Coat -- Lambda Chain lube-free drive chain

The top coat is the actual car color sprayed on by coating robots and reciprocating coating machines. It gives the body an even, beautiful finish.

The reciprocating coating machines use Tsubaki drive chains and reducers.


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