Tsubaki products are used in every single section of the automotive manufacturing process.

Inspection line

After the vehicle is assembled, engine output, brakes, and headlight optical axis are tested. The body is also inspected, and the car is subjected to high pressure water to check for leaks.

Engine and Brake Testers -- One-Way Clutches

Reducers with Cam Clutches are used to drive the rollers.

Engine and Brake Testers

Details on Cam Clutches

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Engine and Brake Testers -- Power cylinders

Power cylinders are used to check roller pressurization and front and back axle positioning in engine and brake tests.

Details on Power cylinders

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Water Leak Inspection (Shower Tester) -- Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain Lube-Free Series

There is a high probability of stick-slipping occurring on long conveyors at low speeds, and this is where Tsubaki Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain demonstrates its features.

This chain uses a unique design with cylindrical bearings embedded in the rollers to suppress stick-slipping, and provides higher efficiency, lower costs, and longer roller/rail life. A lube-free water resistant series is available as well.

Water Leak Inspection

Construction of Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain

In-house test comparison (no additional lubrication)

Details on Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain

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For low-floor slat conveyors -- Short-Pitch Large Size Conveyor Chain with Side Rollers

In the assembly/inspection processes, vehicles are conveyed by a slat conveyor.

With conventional conveyor chains, it was necessary to dig a pit when installing a conveyor. However, shorter-pitch chains enable low-floor conveyors, which reduces installation time (no need to dig a pit for the conveyor).

This large size conveyor chain incorporates bearings in side rollers, which improves roller allowable load, reduces coefficient of friction, and prevents stick-slip.

Low-floor slat conveyors


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