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Drive Area

Applications in the Drive Area
Tsubaki offers a complete line-up of the world's No. 1 industrial chain, as well as reducers, couplings, and many other power transmission components and units.

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Lube-free Chain --Lambda Chain

Special oil-impregnated bushes provide lube-free, long life operation. X-Lambda chain offers even longer wear life.

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Features a much longer wear elongation life under unlubricated conditions than standard chain. Reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

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Heavy Duty Drive Chain

Features a different plate contour and thicker plate compared with standard drive chain, allowing for more compact design, superb transmission performance, and excellent tensile strength.

Super Chain

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We adjusted the plate waist to increase the maximum allowable load to 30% greater than standard roller chain.

RS-HT Chain

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We increased the thickness of the link plate to give RS-HT Chain a 20% greater tensile strength compared to standard roller chain.

Super-H Chain

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Features the same plate contour as on Super Chains but thicker. Ideal for situations requiring greater allowable load, tensile strength, and shock absorption.

Ultra Super Chain

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Features thick oval-shaped plates and provides the highest level of allowable load, tensile strength, and shock absorption. Allows for compact design.

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Drive Sprockets

Production is carefully managed so that the entire sprocket features a deep hardened layer, right down to the teeth valleys, for highly wear resistant teeth and long-life operation.

Tsubaki offers a complete line-up of tooth counts, number of gear wheels, finished bore sprockets, and couplings.

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*Comparison of Sprocket Hardened Layers

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Couplings --Electrically Insulated NEF Series Echt-Flex® Coupling (Customized Product)

Electrically Insulated NEF Series fig.1

Prevents unexpected electrolytic corrosion (bearing damage) on reducers and equipment due to current leakage from the motor.

A spacer with an insulation resistance greater than 1MΩ is installed in all couplings, after which they are tested for voltage resistance and insulation properties before being shipped. We can manufacture spacers to any length as well.

Bearings cause damage to normal couplings due to electrolytic corrosion.

Electrically Insulated NEF Series fig.2

Our electrically insulated series blocks the current from the motor, thus preventing electrolytic corrosion on the machine side. Features images

Electrically Insulated NEF Series fig.3

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Worm Power Drive®/Troi Drive

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With two types of worms available (cylindrical worm power drive and drum-type troi drives), Tsubaki offers a wide-variety of worm reducers to meet any need.

Large selection of reducers in all sizes. Users can select from the drum-type high performance worm troi drive and well balanced cylindrical worm drive. Leg mounting and on-shaft flange mounting types available.

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Miter Gear Boxes

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Line shaft drive that distributes power evenly and across multiple shafts.

Driven by one motor to make synchronous drive easy. Allows for compact equipment design.

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