Introducing Tsubaki products playing active roles in each tire manufacturing process.

Tire Manufacture
Vulcanization Process

A tire excellent strength and elasticity is produced by injecting a raw tire (green tire) manufactured in the forming process into a mold to be heated/pressurized (vulcanized). This process applies grooves (tread pattern) on the tread that comes into contact with the ground.

Tsubaki's Cableveyor is used for protecting cables on the vulcanizer, and Autran Vanguard traveling along the ceiling is used for conveyor equipment.

Protecting Vulcanizer Cables -- CABLEVEYOR®



A raw tire (green tire) is injected into a mold that adds tread patterns and stampings, whereupon it is heated/pressurized.

Electric cables are routed through the unit to ensure the support and guidance of cables between moving equipment and fixed ends.

Various types of products are available, including compact and large sizes, open types (TKP), and closed types (TKC, TKA). The closed type is recommended for protecting cables in harsh atmospheres around vulcanizers.

  • Reliable cable protection


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Conveyor Equipment -- Autran Vanguard

Conveyor Equipment

Conveyance between forming and vulcanizing processes

Autran Vanguard enables conveyance between processes by utilizing empty space on the ceiling.

This device enables efficient use of space and high speed conveyance by traveling along the ceiling.

It uses a non-contact power supply as well to improve reliability. Tires from 13 to 20 inches can be conveyed. A gripper with a diameter smaller than the outer diameter of the tire is used, which enables simple and neat layouts.

  • Efficient use of space

Autran Vanguard

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