Introducing Tsubaki products playing active roles in each tire manufacturing process.

Tire Manufacture
Forming Process

Components such as tread, carcass, and bead that make up the tire are accumulated and affixed to the drum to be formed into a tire. The tire formed in this process is soft and called a raw tire (green tire).

Tsubaki's Plastic Modular Chains and Power Cylinders are used for component feeders.

Component Feeder -- WT1907-K Series Plastic Modular Chain Raised rib type

Component Feeder

Component Feeder (cut process)

Components in sheet shape are cut and automatically fed to the drum that forms the tire.

The gaps in connection areas are reduced to zero by combining with plates in a comb shape similar to that of escalators.

This prevents roll-in of the end of rubber sheets.

  • Zero roll-in
WT1907-K Features
  • Chain pitch: 19.05 mm, link height: 14.3 mm
  • Parts are all made of plastic for lighter weight.
  • Just a single screwdriver is required for cutting and connecting, allowing sectional replacement.

Plastic Modular Chain

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Component Feeder -- Power Cylinder

Component Feeder

Component Feeder (end)

It extends the table that feeds the cut components to the drum to form tires.

An electrical cylinder using ball screws and trapezoidal screws.

Electric cylinders are extremely quiet and capable of operating at stable speeds thanks to the use of an induction motor to turn the screws and move the rod forward and backward.

  • Speed stability
  • Quietness

Power Cylinder

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