Example of One-Touch Inspection Door® MTO Products TSUBAKI One-Touch Inspection Door

MTO products are available for special needs. Here we will introduce some examples of MTO products. See the list of MTO products for more details.

*Contact your local distributor or dealer regarding price/delivery. Also, we will introduce some inspection doors other than One-Touch Inspection Door. >> Click here for other inspection doors

Example of One-Touch Inspection Door MTO Products

These products are some examples of our MTO products.

Safety screen type:
Bolt latched, with rock wool, non-standard frame height

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-P1-H·BGK200D heat-insulated MTO product
(Frame inner width 130 x length 200)

Custom shaped type:
Custom shaped, with three levers

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-P2 MTO product
(Frame inner width 130 X length 300)

Laterally-opening type:
Opens reverse 90°

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-P3 MTO product
(Frame inner width 350 X length 500)

Residue prevention type:
Laterally-opening, custom shape, with five levers, heat resistant

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-P4-B·400D MTO product
(Frame inner width 472 X length 572)

Removable type:
With two levers, no hinge

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-R2 MTO product
(Frame inner width 200 X length 300)

Safety screen type:
Laterally-opening, bolt latch, opens reverse 90°

MTO fig.

Model: CMD-R2-G MTO product
(Frame inner width 200 X length 300)

MTO products other than listed above are also available.

Other successful MTO products
Laterally-opening style, special high-neck style (height: 150mm/280mm), special high-neck style + residue prevention, P2 series with two/three levers, stainless steel pressure resistant, flanged + transparent windowed, SUS316L stainless steel cover and frame, high-neck style + flanged, special dimension (e.g. 450 x 750mm, 420 x 600mm, 1250 x 550m), safety screen insert type + flanged, with tilt plate for unidirectional/bidirectional residue prevention, box type: including heat insulating material (rock wool), thicker plate, hinge pin (cotter pin specification), all lever specification with no hinges, Q/R series (puff #200/300/400), with padlock, hot-dip galvanized, etc.

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