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Tsubaki "Kaiketsu-Kun" Series

Tsubaki "Kaiketsu-Kun" Series meet customer's needs, such as "Eco-friendly", "Easy maintenance" and "No residue ", which is achieved due to these optional structure and the air-blowing system.

Tsubaki CF/YA Circle Feeder

Tsubaki CF/YA Circle Feeder is a feeder with a unique structure, which avoids bridge (arching) and blending when discharging materials from tanks. It allows stable discharge.

Tsubaki One-Touch Inspection Door

Tsubaki One-Touch Inspection Door is used for inspection and cleaning conveyors, hoppers, chutes etc. Easy installation without the need for special tools.

Monitoring System & Sensors

For prevention of dust explosion

Tsubaki Monitoring System, Watchdog is a combined belt alignment, belt speed, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment and plug condition monitor for bucket elevators and conveyors.

*This system does not provide any guarantee of preventing dust explosions

Tsubaki Speedswitch M800elite

Speedswitch M800elite is a speed down detector all-in-one sensor and transmission part, manufactured by Braime Elevator Components Ltd., England.
It monitors lowering frequency at two points, due to breakage of chain, belt or shaft, or belt slip

Tsubaki Dustless Chute

Tsubaki Dustless Chute is a high effective chute, which solved degradation of work environment or pollution causing on surrounding areas. It controls the dust when loading granular materials on tracks/lorries or barges.

Tsubaki Container-Bag Opener

Tsubaki Container-Bag Opener is an opener of one-way container-bag.

Maintenance Service

With our past performance and huge technical data over the years, and latest technology, we carry out maintenance, periodical inspection and troubleshooting (response of failure) of bulk handling systems including conveyor components.