One-Touch Inspection Door® with Lock (ref.) TSUBAKI One-Touch Inspection Door

This type is suitable for preventing contamination in food production lines. Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

One-Touch Inspection Door with Lock and Specially Designed Key (Safety Series)

Door cannot be opened without a specially designed key.
The key is a master key for all types and model numbers. (Available only for standard and flanged types with gaskets made of polyethylene foam or neoprene rubber due to the construction of the lock. One-Touch Inspection Door with heat resistance is not available for this keyed type because it has a stopper frame to prevent gasket misalignment.)

  • Note that the storage and management of each key can be troublesome if you attach locks to multiple doors.

One-Touch Inspection Door with Lock and Specially Designed Key images

One-Touch Inspection Door with Padlock (Safety Series)

This is a One-Touch Inspection Door with padlock.
Can be manufactured with the same key number, and available for all styles/series/options.

One-Touch Inspection Door with padlock images

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