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This system for wooden pellet production effectively utilizes wood thinnings and residual forest wood.

System for Wooden Pellet Production

This system temporarily stores wood chips and construction waste, and provides controlled supply of the required amount.

System for Woody Biomass Power Generation

This system effectively utilizes sewage sludge as an absorbent, soil conditioner and fertilizer by drying it and then carbonizing the sludge at high temperature.

System for Carbonization-Activation of Sewage Sludge

This system produces flammable gas by pyrolysis of biomass, which is a renewable resource.

System for Woody Biomass/Methane Fermentation and Flammable Gas Production

This system is for recycling residue food from supermarkets and convenience stores into livestock feed and other products.

System for Making Residue Food Fodder

This system receives grain, malt and other materials by 40-feet container trucks or medium-duty trucks.

Container Truck Receiving System

This system receives coal for thermal power generation.

Coal Receiving System