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System for Carbonization-Activation of Sewage Sludge

This system effectively utilizes sewage sludge as an absorbent, soil conditioner and fertilizer by drying it and then carbonizing the sludge at high temperature.

Materials to be conveyed

  • Dried sludge

    Dried sludge

  • Carbide


  • Activated carbon

    Activated carbon

Products used for this example

Configuration of system for carbonization-activation of sewage sludge

System for Carbonization-Activation of Sewage Sludge Dried sludge conveyor (MFV Flightveyor) Carbide conveyor (NFV Flightveyor)


  1. MFV Flightveyor is ideal for conveying sticky materials such as dried sludge. The system provides good abrasion resistance due to a wheel turn system adopted at the corner.
  2. NFV Flightveyor is compact and economical, as it allows flexible layouts to convey powdery and granular materials.
  3. It enables conveying of materials with a horizontal-to-vertical-to-horizontal route in one unit for good conveyor performance.

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In addition to products provided by Tsubakimoto Bulk Systems Corp., we also offer other system-compatible equipment. Please contact us for details.

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