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Horizontal / Vertical Combination

Tsubaki MFV Flightveyor

Tsubaki MFV Flightveyor is specialised NFV Flightveyor, suitable for handling sludge materials like sewage.

Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor

Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor has flights fixed to chains running in a sealed casing.
Materials that are difficult to convey or high adhesive, as well as powdery and granular materials, can be conveyed on a horizontal, vertical and moderate inclination layout.

Tsubaki BFV Flightveyor

Tsubaki BFV Flightveyor handles strong abrasive materials, such as ash and silica sand.
This conveyor is very effective in handling abrasive materials, as it has the functions of a flight conveyor and a bucket elevator.

Tsubaki BLF Flightveyor

Tsubaki BLF Flightveyor is a belt type flightveyor, which has both advantages of belt type (high‐speed capability) and flight type (space efficiency) systems.
Suitable for small lumps, dhesive and abrasive materials as well as general powder or granular materials.

Tsubaki WB Rubber Star

Tsubaki WB Rubber Star is a bucket-type conveyor, which uses rubber block chain with a steel cord inside and unique structured buckets.
Buckets are connected to each other with flexible straps.
As Injection moulded buckets are used, there are hardly any gaps between buckets.

Tsubaki NAB Aprovator

Tsubaki NAB Aprovator is a bucket-type chain conveyor suitable for handling difficult-to-convey abrasive and bulk materials along complicated routes.

Tsubaki NAB-R Aprovator (Continuous Rubber Bottom Bucket Specification)

Optimal for handling adhesive and bulk materials that couldn't be conveyed by the previous NAB Aprovator.

Tsubaki LC Flow

Tsubaki LC Flow is a continuous flow conveyor, which is appropriate for powdery or granular materials.
Materials are conveyed smoothly like water flow, along with chain running motion within a casing on a horizontal or moderate inclination layout.