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Tsubaki PSC Power Screw

Tsubaki PSC Power Screw is a screw conveyor with no axis. It has a special feature, which allows conveying materials hard to handle with, such as adhesive materials and materials easily entwined. (Material size should be within screw interval pitch.)

Tsubaki FC Flow

Tsubaki FC Flow is a continuous flow conveyor, which is appropriate for powdery or granular materials of cement, chemical and fertilizer. Materials are conveyed smoothly like water flow, along with chain running motion within a casing on a horizontal or moderate inclination layout.

Tsubaki DCC Drag Chain Conveyor

Tsubaki DCC Drag Chain Conveyor is suitable for handling adherant and abrasive materials.
This DCC drag chain has 4 times longer operation life than bushed roller chain.

Tsubaki FK Flow

Tsubaki FK Flow is suitable for handling a large amount of grain on a horizontal layout. It is used at Grain silo, food, flour milling, Oil, Feed Plants.

Tsubaki FF Flow

Tsubaki FF Flow is suitable for handling low abrasive powder or granular, such as feed materials and products.

Tsubaki FS Flow

Tsubaki FS Flow conveys powdery or granular materials with "No residue" and "No leakage", which leads clean operation.

Tsubaki FR Light Carry

Tsubaki FR Light Carry is a clean type conveyor with less residue, breakage, operation noise and dust, suitable for handling brown rice, rice, wheat and feed.