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Tsubaki NBK Bucket Elevator

Tsubaki NBK Bucket Elevator is a centrifugal discharge-type belt bucket elevator, which is suitable for handling grain, food, feed auxiliary materials and feed products.
Dust-proof, noise-controlled and preventative measure of dust explosion are equipped.

Tsubaki NBK Bucket Elevator

1.Main Features

1. From a small to large amount of materials

2. Conveying a large amount of materials with a smaller cross-section

3. Small elongation of belt, easy maintenance and inspection

4. Thoroughgoing safety measures

5. Possible to equip "Clean boot" as cleaning function in the tail casing (Optional)

2.Standard Models

NBK30 - NBK800 7 sizes


34m3/h(NBK30 S=125m/min.) - 802m3/h(NBK800 S=210m/min.).