Tsubaki products -- meeting medical equipment needs with proven technology.

Medical Equipment

Tsubaki's extensive line-up of products supports every function of medical equipment by utilizing our proven track record and nearly a century of engineering experience. Meeting the quality and functionality that medical equipment requires and contributing to the creation of reliable equipment.

CT (Computed Tomography System) - Belts and Pulleys -

A bed can be moved over long strokes by using a long belt. Belts are quieter and allow for cleaner operation than with chains.

Pulleys that are suitable for timing belts are also available. A pulley transmits rotation by engaging with the belt.

  • Clean
  • Quiet


Details on Timing Belts

Details on Timing Pulleys

CT (Computed Tomography System) --Zip Chain Actuators (horizontal installation)

Can be installed in narrower spaces than linear actuators, and they can be installed in any direction, so they can also be used on rotating equipment.

  • Clean
  • Quiet


Comparison of Zip Chain Actuator stroke

Only 1/4 to 1/5 the size of conventional linear actuators since it houses its Zip Chain so compactly.


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X-ray Equipment --Power-Locks (Friction Type Locking Device)

Power-Locks can safely transfer beds without loss of performance.

They have zero backlash and so unlike keyways don't suffer from backlash even in forward-reverse operations.

  • Maintains quality


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Specimen Equipment --Cableveyors

Choose from Tsubaki's line-up of low noise and low dust generating Cableveyors to help maintain quiet, clean operations and transfer beds smoothly.

Available in white upon request.

  • Silent


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Total Trax is a complete harnessed system featuring a cable carrier and cables/hoses.

Cables/hoses with end connectors attached are delivered together with the cable carrier as a set, allowing for quick installation on machinery and equipment. Total Trax allows users to source from just one supplier and reduce ordering time.