Our products incorporating Tsubaki technology play an important role in multiple processes on noodle production lines as well.

Noodle Making

An accumulator retains workpieces to accurately put noodles into cups after the dryer and cooler and to prevent stopped production in a previous process even if there is a failure in a later process.

Lube-free Lambda Chain

It's difficult to add lubricant to an accumulator because the machine is located close to products. With Lambda Chain, the special oil impregnated bushes use NSF-H1 certified oil for use on food equipment standard, contributing to food safety.

Accumulator image

Basic Structure of Lambda Chain

The special oil impregnated bushes provides long service life, even without additional lubrication.

What is NSF H1?
NFS is the organization that verifies the hygienic quality of food lubrication. NSF H1 is the standard regulated by NSF. This is "Lubricant ingredients are safe in the event of incidental food contact." oil.

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Sprocket with Wear Limit Marks for the Food Industry [Patented]

In some situations the condition of the chains is managed but not that of the sprockets. Tsubaki's sprocket with wear limit marks shows wear limits on the tooth profile (with drilled holes and special ink coloring) so that you can see wear conditions at a glance. These marks are also helpful for understanding the replacement timing, reducing maintenance man-hours and extending chain life.

New sprocket

New sprocket fig.

Worn sprocket

Worn sprocket fig.

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