Our products incorporating Tsubaki technology play an important role in multiple processes on noodle production lines as well.

Noodle Making
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Plastic Modular Chain is used to convey packed products and cardboard boxes as it is easier to use than belt conveyors. In addition, we also offer the Tsubaki original linear Zip Chain Actuator and new reducers specialized for light load conveyors.

Plastic Modular Chain

Plastic Modular Chain illustration

Compared to a belt conveyor:
■ Reduced snaking and slippage due to sprocket driving.
■ Link structure makes partial repair possible and maintenance easy.
■ Workpieces are less prone to damage thanks to lower friction.
■ Higher wear resistance and longer life without deterioration, such as frayed ends.

Plastic Modular Chain picture

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Hypoid Motor -- Reducer for Food Applications

Hypoid Motor for food applications:
■ Antimicrobial coating to protect against germs.
■ 0.2kW and under use a finless specification for easy cleaning
■ NSF-H1 certified grease is used to contribute to food safety.

Reducer for Food Applications picture

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Stacking Machine - Zip Chain Type Chain Meshing Actuators

Stacking Machine illustration

Our unique structure uses two chains to offer unparalleled space savings, compared to traditional pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders. Zip Chain Actuators have many features, including environmental ones, such as great space savings, high speed/high frequency operation, multi-point stopping function, high stopping accuracy, and free installation direction. They are used in a wide variety of applications.

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