Tsubaki provides the best solutions for steelmaking equipment--Applications in the Hot Strip & Cold Rolling Mill

Pig Iron Plant

There are two types of rolling. With hot rolling, heated metal goes through a rolling machine where it is worked into a sheet or bar. With cold rolling, sheet steel is made thinner at normal temperatures, and its surface is made smooth and uniform. Tsubaki products are used in both hot and cold rolling.

  • Blooming
  • Hearth furnace

Hot rolling

This process stretches a slab into a strip. The slab is reheated to approximately 1250°C and rolled in hot conditions. The resultant strip steel is wound into a roll like toilet paper (hot coil).

Hot rolling illustration

  • Chains for lifting
  • Toughrollers
  • Conveyor chains for conveying semi-finished products

Chains for lifting

Tsubaki chains are used in important areas, such as opening/closing heating furnace doors. In addition to trusted, proven heavy duty chains, RF chains play an active role as they are compatible with heavy duty chains and proven in many applications.

Chains for lifting illustration

Conveyor chains for conveying semi-finished products

Chains for use with conveyors for conveying semi-finished products such as slabs and billets should be designed by considering the shape, temperature, and conveying atmosphere of the objects to be conveyed. Tsubaki proposes optimum specifications based on its wealth of experience.

For billet conveyance

Conveyor images

For slab conveyance

Conveyor images

For use with cooling beds

Conveyor images

For wire rod conveyance

Conveyor images

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Tsubaki Toughrollers are ideal for moving, transferring, and conveying heavy objects. The rollers have a low center of gravity and are compact and highly circular, enabling conveyance of heavy objects with little force.

Toughrollers illustration

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Moving steel rolling trolleys - Large Pin Gear Drive Units -

Tsubaki Pin Gear Drive Units play an active role in moving steel rolling trolleys. They allow for long strokes not possible with hydraulic cylinders and contribute to space savings. The pin rack is built as a unit of a given length. Use of the angle type allows for easy installation and tooth engagement adjustment.

PDU組み込み illustration

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Cold rolling

This process rolls hot coils at normal temperatures to the product thickness. In cold rolling, coils are made thinner to produce cold-rolled coils.

Cold rolling illustration

Worm Reducer Troi Drive

Tsubaki Troi Drive, which uses a compact, double-enveloping worm gear is ideal for rolling machines. Designed with an efficiency-focused optimum tooth shape, the Troi Drive provides high efficiency operation. The large number of teeth that simultaneously mesh reduces uneven rotation.

Troi Drive組込み illustration

Rolling machine and roll drive for rolled sheet

Hollow type

Hollow type picture

Solid type

Solid type picture

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LiniPower® Jack

Tsubaki’s lineup of jacks consists of three types: trapezoidal screw, ball screw, and high-lead ball screw. Trapezoidal screws include a stainless steel type and a left-hand screw type as standard. That's why Tsubaki jacks are available with short delivery times for various layouts and environments.

Right-hand screw type

Right-hand screw type picture

Left-hand screw type

Left-hand screw type picture

Jack screw

If (A) and (B) are right-hand screw types, the screw moves in the opposite direction [DOWN] to that of (C) and (D), respectively. The left-hand screw type gives the same direction [UP].

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Looper equipment

Loopers are material accumulating devices used for transferring, winding, and unwinding rolled steel.

In surface treatment lines such as CAL and CGL, when the seams between coils on the inlet side are welded or the coiled steel on the outlet side is cut for continuous surface processing, or when flow is intermittent, the looper tower carriage is raised and accumulated steel sheets are smoothly fed. Tsubaki’s trusted, proven G8 Series Heavy Duty Drive Chain is used successfully for raising the carriage.

Looper equipment

G8 Series Heavy Duty Drive Chains, featuring wider plate waists and thicker plates, provide high kilowatt ratings and tensile strength while maintaining compatibility with general-use drive chains.

Various models are available: Heavy Duty Chain (RS-HT) offers enhanced tensile strength thanks to increased plate thickness over RS Roller Chain; Super Chain offers enhanced maximum allowable load (transmission capacity); and Super-H Chain using the same profile as Super Chain provides substantial improvements in both tensile strength and maximum allowable load by increasing plate thickness.

Super Roller Chain

Heavy Duty Drive Chain picture

Super-H Roller Chain

Heavy Duty Drive Chain picture

RS-HT Roller Chain (RS-HT)

Heavy Duty Drive Chain picture

*With General Use Drive Chains as benchmark (100) [Available sizes: RS80]

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