Tsubaki provides the best solutions for steelmaking equipment--Applications in the Pig Iron Plant

Pig Iron Plant

Here, the hot metal from the blast furnace is decarbonized to form molten steel. Afterwards, the molten steel is sent to the continuous casting process to be hardened and formed into shapes.

  • Blooming
  • Hearth furnace


In this process, the molten iron from the blast furnace is refined into molten steel.

As molten iron contains large quantities of impurities (carbon, silicon, phosphorus, etc.), it is transferred into the converter, where blasts of oxygen are blown from both top and bottom to oxidize and remove impurities. This produces steel of the required composition.

Converter illustration

LiniSpeed Jack/LiniPower® Jack

The LiniPower Jack immerses the impeller into the molten iron in order to agitate it and thereby remove impurities. A rich set of options are available, including gear reducers, to meet customer needs.

The new LiniSpeed Jack is an innovative jack that offers high speed, high frequency, and low floor operation.

LiniPower Jack

LiniPower Jack

LiniSpeed Jack

LiniSpeed Jack

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G8 Series RS Roller Chain

On our 100th anniversary, Tsubaki upgraded the trusted, proven RS Roller Chain G7-EX to the 8th generation RS Roller Chain, the G8 Series. This new product uses a new lubricant for improved handling. As a result, chain tackiness has been reduced, with a 20% increase in wear resistance over conventional chains achieved.

G8 structure

Evolution of chain wear life

G8 Series Wear Life Comparison Graph

Details on RS Roller Chain

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Continuous casting

Molten steel refined in the converter is solidified in this process to produce billets of a given shape.

The molten steel discharged from the converter is continuously poured with a ladle into a mold below for cooling. After the steel is cooled and solidified, it is cut to a given length before it is conveyed to the rolling process for shaping.

Continuous casting illustration

  • Pin Gear Drive Unit
  • Worm gear reducers
  • Dummy bar car chains
  • Cable carrier

Pin Gear Drive Unit

Pin Gear Drive Unit image

Designed as an alternative to gears, this unit is ideal for driving ladle turrets and steel rolling trolleys.

Thanks to the segmented design, the unit is easy to install and can be used even with rough accuracy. Units sized to allow replacement with large gears are included in Tsubaki's lineup, supporting use with large-sized equipment.

Worm gear reducers (water cooled type)

Worm gear reducers (water cooled type) image

Tsubaki offers double enveloping worms in addition to the cylindrical type worm gear reduces for higher power with a light, compact body.

In addition, various special types are available, such as water cooled types for use in hot environments such as when driving pinch rolls.

Dummy bar car chains

Dummy bar car chains image

In continuous casting, this chain returns the dummy bar to the original position.

The attachment is designed to suit our customers' dummy bar. The portions that engage with the plate and attached dummy bar are quenched to enhance strength.

Cable carrier

Tsubaki steel cable carriers offer high strength, rigidity, and durability.

Cable carrier (dust resistant type)

Cable carrier image

The two plates comprising the cable carrier can be spaced to prevent clogging due to dust and chips, and improper bending and wobbling due to dust clogs.

They provide smooth movement and better durability, even around flying or accumulating dust.

Cable carrier (special surface treated type)

Cable carrier image

The stainless steel type exhibits corrosion resistance in hot environments, such as in direct contact with water or in steamy atmospheres. A special surface treated type is also available.

A special treatment is applied to the plate and connecting pins to stop corrosion in its tracks, improving durability and reducing replacement frequency.

Advanced large size conveyor chains

Advanced large size conveyor chains

Advanced large size conveyor chains

Advanced models are now available, offering increases in wear resistance and allowable load over Tsubaki’s conventional large size conveyor chains.

Resistance and load specifications most suitable to specific uses can be selected to further extend the service life of your chain. Lower replacement expenses and longer ancillary equipment and part life contribute to overall cost reduction.

Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains (NEP Series/APP Series)

Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains (NEP Series/APP Series)

Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains (NEP Series/APP Series)

Tsubaki's Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains are optimal for being used under the harsh corrosive environments.

Stainless steel chains, as well as surface treated drive chains and Neptune chain, provide both long service life and high performance. Neptune chain offers superior resistance to salt water, weather, and chemicals (alkalis), and the APP Series provides special surface treatment on only pins, protecting pins from pitting (which induces fatigue failure), making them very useful in environments subject to water contact and steam.

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