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  • Horizontal / Vertical Combination

Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor

Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor has flights fixed to chains running in a sealed casing.
Materials that are difficult to convey or high adhesive, as well as powdery and granular materials, can be conveyed on a horizontal, vertical and moderate inclination layout.

Tsubaki NFV Flightveyor

1.Main Features

1. Flexible Layouts

2. Compact and economical

3. Possible to install multiple Inlets and outlets

4. Easy maintenance

5. Easy maintenance

6. Dust- and waterproof

2.Standard Models

NFV100 - NFV450 (inner width of the casing : 100 - 450mm) 5 sizes


1.15m3/h(NFV100 S=3m/min.) - 100m3/h(NFV450 S=20m/min.).