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Tsubaki CF/YA Circle Feeder

Tsubaki CF/YA Circle Feeder
is a feeder with a unique structure, which avoids bridge (arching) and blending when discharging materials from tanks. It allows stable discharge.

Tsubaki CF/YA Circle Feeder

1.Main Features

1. Discharge as mass flowing

2. Wide range of applicable materials

3. Less operating power

4. Possible to place multiple discharge points

5. Possible to install on existing tank

2.Standard Models

CF300 (tank discharge diameter : 300mm) - CF2400B 18 sizes
High accurate constant feeder : YA300S (inlet diameter 300mm) - YA500A 2 sizes
Low price type : NCF200A1 - NCF500B 8 sizes
Sanitary type : CS300 - CS700 3 sizes
Dust precipitator type : CFD1000 - CFD2400 13 sizes
Disk feeder : DS300 - DS2000 9 sizes
Small size constant feeder with fixed quantity : MA120 - MA260 3 sizes